Routine Food Microbiology

Routine Food Microbiology

Analytical Laboratory Services offers a wide range of qualitative and quantitative analyses to assist with consumer confidence in your product.

In accordance with ISO and SANS standard methods we analyze for spoilage bacteria, indicator organisms and pathogenic organisms in a variety of raw materials, ingredients and food- and beverage products.

Routine food and beverage analysis can assist with the determination of microorganism contamination levels during the manufacturing process and in final consumer products.

Food Pathogen Analyses​

Food Pathogen Analyses

Testing for pathogenic organisms in manufacturing environments, food packaging materials, ingredients or finished products is important for consumer safety, as these organisms can cause illness in its host.

We ensure that pathogenic organisms are tested in a controlled environment, to guarantee reliable results. Procedures are in place to handle these organisms in a safe manner to protect the safety of our technicians and environment.

Environmental Hygiene Services

Environmental Hygiene Services

Whether you are a large factory, a restaurant or prepare products at home – Analytical Laboratory Services can assist with environmental hygiene testing.

Using hygiene monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of your cleaning procedures is a critical aspect of an environmental monitoring program, which can help ensure the sanitary condition of your food and beverage manufacturing environment.

Water testing

As we live in a country where water is not always treated before use or new water sources are found, it is important to assess the suitability before consumption.

With microbiological testing, consumers can determine the water supply’s overall safety and identify areas where treatment or additional testing may be necessary to ensure that the water is safe to drink. It is important to note that bacteria in drinking water can cause serious health issues.

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